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Selection of student participants

Each school is responsible for the selection of their student participants. We provide a sample participant application to be used. You can see sample eligibility requirements too. Please be sure to have your own internal application deadline that allows you to meet the January 10, 2022 deadline for submission of a participant list to FILC with registration requirements. Once a school has selected their students, they will need to send a participant list. The list of participants and advisors, along with payment, will be due by Friday, January 10, 2022.

FILC Registration
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FILC Conference Registration Cancellation Policy

FILC has adopted a cancellation policy to facilitate the registration process to our annual conference. All of the individuals that help plan FILC events are volunteers. Board members of FILC are also volunteers and do not receive any compensation or gratuities to serve. FAIE is a 501c3 nonprofit organization and uses 100% of its funds to support the annual conference and other related activities. Although FILC recognizes that unforeseen events occur, FILC is still held liable by the vendors (such as caterers and campground) for the full amount of the costs.

All cancellation requests must be made in writing.

  • Cancellations received 14 days before the start of the conference will receive a 100% refund.
  • If you have a student or advisor that needs to cancel their spot, it is best to find a substitute of the same gender as no refunds will be given within 14 days of the conference. You must email if you are making changes in attendees.